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5 questions to consider when buying a lakefront home

Waterfront homes

Buying a waterfront home in Granbury, TX sets the stage for an exceptional lifestyle. The gorgeous natural environment promises the best times for both recreation and relaxation.

A special home, of course, requires special considerations. When you shop for a lakefront property in Granbury, be sure to keep these crucial questions in mind:

  1. Why do you want a waterfront home?

    Being clear about your intentions when you buy a property is an important first step. Ask yourself:

    • How will you use the property? Will it be your primary residence or a vacation home? Are you going to rent it out?
    • If you plan on residing, what kind of lifestyle do you plan to lead in it? Will you access the water often for boating, fishing, or water sports?

    Answering these questions will lead you to the following:

  2. What are you allowed to do with the property?

    It’s important to understand the provisions and restrictions that apply to the waterfront home you intend to own. This will let you plan your preferred recreational activities and home improvement projects within the allowed parameters.

    The Brazos River Authority regulates the use of Lake Granbury resources and offers reasonable provisions allowing access to the water, ownership and use of watercraft, and construction of your own private boat dock.

  3. How safe is the property and its surrounding area?

    With its close proximity and constant exposure to the elements, lakefront homes require especially close attention when evaluating their soundness.

    A close inspection of the structural integrity of the property is a must for any waterfront home, especially the considerably older buildings. Add essential upgrades like storm shutters and improved drainage systems for longer term protection, and expect to add maintenance work to your regular housekeeping expenses.

    Additional insurance policies – covering wind and flood damage, for example – should also be high on your list of measures to protect your investment.

  4. What is the neighborhood like?

    Moving into a new waterfront home means also moving into the neighborhood where it resides.

    Visit the area and get acquainted with your future neighbors in the months or weeks leading to your purchase. Find out how busy the area gets during peak tourist seasons so you can gauge the impact it might have on your privacy and security.

    Warming up to each other ahead of your move will make settling into your new neighborhood a lot easier.

    Stay updated with the rules and regulations established by your local homeowners’ association so you’ll know what to expect from your neighbors, as well as what they expect from you.

  5. Who can help you find the best waterfront property?

    Partnering with real estate professionals will make finding the answers to all these questions easier.

    Working with pros provides you with valuable insights into the home buying process. You gain access to up-to-date knowledge of housing market conditions, local community features and quirks. Most importantly, real estate professionals understand the nuances of handling waterfront property transactions.

    Trained and experienced agents also lend a steady guiding hand that will keep you at ease when the meticulous steps of home buying become overwhelming.

When it comes to Lake Granbury waterfront properties, there’s no better team to work with than Coleman Real Estate LLC. Find your dream home today by calling 817-579-9300 or emailing info(at)lakegranburyproperties(dotted)com.

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