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7 Design Tricks to Spruce Up your Outdoor Space

Good friends

String lights are trendy and make patios or porches look warm and inviting.

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade your home, who said outdoor spaces can’t be as stylish as your home’s interiors? Take your lawn and backyard to the next level with these design tips!

All that shade

A gazebo provides much-needed shade that allows you to enjoy leisurely outdoor time in Texas weather. A well-designed one serves as a focal point in your backyard and becomes a crucial part of outdoor entertaining. Just make sure that its style and material complement the design of your house, as well as your landscaping.

Extend your home

A porch is a natural extension of your home’s living space. A front porch is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast or chat with neighbors, while a back porch gives you more entertaining space for parties and barbecues. Make the space cozier with sofas, tables, or even hammocks!

Walk in style

Want a beautiful lawn but don’t want the hassle of maintaining turf? Opt for pavers or flagstones instead—you’ll save a ton of money on watering and fertilizers. Stone pavers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs, so you’ll surely find one that fits your outdoor space. They’re also easier to replace—if one gets chipped or cracked, just remove it and replace with another piece.

Just add water

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of rustling water, which is why fountains remain one of the most popular outdoor accessories. A great option is a rock column fountain, whose base is a zen garden-like rock arrangement instead of a basin. Since there’s no standing water, it’s safer for pets and won’t harbor pests.

Liven up your fences 

Make your fences multifunctional by building a vertical garden. Take a three-foot section of gutter, paint it, put in soil, and plant some herbs—voila, you have an instant garden! You can also hang a wire grid onto your fence and hook mini-planters into it. It’s a fun, easy weekend project that’s perfect for households with smaller gardens.

“She shed” so

If you want to get away for a bit, a garden shed is the ideal place to escape to. These so-called “she sheds” are basically a miniature house, complete with a small living area and a bed or sofa. It’s the perfect little area to read a book or enjoy some tea in the afternoon.

Let there be light

A trendy but inexpensive way to illuminate your outdoor space is to hang string lights around your patio. These warm dots of light make your yard look magical at night, and set a cozy, relaxed mood. Go for LED lights as they are more energy efficient; you can also purchase solar-powered variants to further save on power.

Now that’s a lot of improvement! After upgrading your outdoor space, you can do these home projects next.

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